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Fire Department and EMS - ICS Standard Operating Procedure
Fire Data Analyisis Handbook on DVDFire Extinguisher and Fire Safety Training DOWNLOAD

Fire Department and EMS - ICS Standard Operating Procedure

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We are proud members of

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),

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Fire Department & Emergency Medical Services
Incident Command System
Standard Operating Procedure




516 Pages

Disc Contents:



ICS - Abbreviated Explanation
Confirmation Of Command By The First Arriving Officer
Command Designation
Commanding Incidents
Transfer Of Command
Tactical Worksheet
The Communication Model
Radio Talkgroups Layout Chart
Radio Talkgroups And Usage
Requesting Another Radio Channel
Requesting A Clear Radio Channel
Radio Code Signals And Reporting
Special Radio Codes - Yellow & Red
Initial Incident Commander Responsibilities
Unity Of Command
Emergency Traffic - Radio Transmission
Command Operational Priorities
Incident Status Reporting By The Incident Commander
Incident Status Reports
Automatic Dispatching Of Police & Utility Company
ICS Structure - Operational Levels
Span Of Control
ICS Structuring - 1st Alarm Incidents
ICS Structuring - Expanding Incidents
Incident Sector Letter Designations
Sector Officer Responsibilities
Communicating Within Sectors
Fire Company & Sector Progress Reports
Portable & Apparatus Radio Identification For Fire Companies
Incident Commander Request For Additional Equipment
Incident Upgrading - Greater Alarms
Radio Call Signs - Incident Command System
Radio Call Signs - Incident Command System
ICS Titles And Designations
Command Vests
Combining Offensive And Defensive Operations
Passing Down Command
Terminating Command
Receiving Calls Through The Vocalarm System
Restricting City-Wide Radio Transmissions
Medical Functions
Rehabilitation Team
Triage Team
Treatment Team
Transportation Team
Morgue Team




Protective Clothing
Personnel Accountability
Driving Fire Department Vehicles
Emergency Medical Response Protection
Emergency Medical Response Protection
Handi-Talkie Radios, Apparatus Radios
Airmask Policy / Fire Hood / PASS Device
Fire Operation Modes Interior And Exterior
Search And Rescue
Buildings On Fire, Vacant, Under Demolition, Construction
Fire In Attics Involving Buildings With Large Unsupported Areas
Controlling Fires In Electric Substations
Engine Company Operations
Investigations Of Fire Scenes
Hazardous Materials / Company Response Procedures
Airport Fed-X Rescue Equipment
Staging Of Personnel And Apparatus At Incidents
Rehabilitation Of Personnel At Incidents
Engine Company Operations - Offensive Mode
Pumping Preconnects While Supply Lines Are Being Laid
Truck Company Operations
Property Conservation Procedures
Fire Alarm Systems And Sprinkler Alarms - Company Procedures
Responding With Emergency Units - Company Procedures
Pumper Extrication Procedures - Threat Of Fire
Recovery / Rescue - Trench And Building Collapse
Confined Entry Space Procedures
Requesting Hospital Wing Units
Helicopter - Landing And Ground Procedures
Salvage Covers - Cost And Rental Procedures
Apparatus and Vehicle Parking
Use of Elevators In The Fire Service
Handling and Disposing of Infectious Materials
Displaced Driver Policy
First Responder Program
Incidents Determined To Be Outside The City Of Memphis And Within Shelby County
Buddy System / Two In – Two Out




Security For Fire Communications Bureau
Phonetic Alphabet
Calltaker Procedures For Fire Calls
Calltaker Procedures For Business Lines & Operator Lines
Calltaker Procedures For EMS Calls
Fire Company Notification of Out Of Service Items
Automatic Notification Of Police Department
Dispatching Task Forces and Strike Teams
Dispatching To A Dwelling Fire
Dispatching To An Apartment Structure
Dispatching To Commercial Structures
Dispatching To A School Structure
Dispatching To A Hospital Structure
Dispatching To A Nursing Home Structure
Dispatching To A High-Rise Structure
Dispatching To A Hazardous Materials Incident
Dispatching To A Rescue Situation
Dispatching To a Bomb Threat / Device
Dispatching First Responder Calls
Dispatching Single Engine Company Responses
Dispatching To Locked Vehicles
Dispatching To Emergency Medical Calls
Diverting EMS Units Responding To ALPHA Level Calls
Dispatching Apparatus With Limited Manpower
Dispatching Brush Truck 5 At Fire Station 37
Dispatching Magnum 1 And Magnum 2
Dispatching The Fire Boat
Dispatching High Pressure 1
Dispatching To Elevator Rescue Calls
Dispatching The Air Truck
Dispatching And Operating Guidelines - Hospital Wing Units
Incremental Time Notification During Incidents
Level 2 Staging And Automatic Upgrade Of Alarms
Procedures When Rehab Is Set Up At An Incident
Mutual Aid Requests
Mutual Response To Roseleigh & Northwood Hills Subdivisions
Radio Terminology, Destinations, Locations and Requests
Signal C
Radio Broadcast Unit Call That Does Not Require Notification
Radio Broadcast Unit Call That Requires Notification
Radio Broadcast Fire Calls Not Requiring Notification
Radio Broadcast Of Alarms Requiring Notification Of Companies
Disregarding Companies By Radio
Repeat Of Information From The Scene
Radio broadcast of time / station identification
Radio Talkgroups Layout Chart
Radio Talkgroups Designated Use
CAD Commands Associated With Regrouping of Portable Radios
Push To Talk (PTT) Radio ID’s
800 MHz Radio - Emergency Button
Creating an Emergency Talkgroup
Failsoft Mode - 800 Trunked Radio System
Entering Radio ID’s Into The CAD System
Enable and Disable Link Between CAD & Radio System
Procedure for Swapping Out a Portable Radio
800 MHz Radio Dispatch Consoles
Expanding CCWs On The 800 MHz Radio Dispatch Consoles
Confirmation Of Fireground Command
Trolley System - Emergency Shutdown
Trolley System - Daily Testing
Utilizing Private Ambulance Service
Request For Decontamination Equipment
Company Reporting In Quarters By X-Radio
Battalion Chiefs Sent To Hospital Due To Injured Fire Fighters
Procedures For Obtaining Companies For Ruins / Relief
Fire Investigators
Notifying Fire Inspections
Evacuation Of Fire Communications
Emergency Radio Communications
Generators At Fire Communications
Loss Of Power At Armour Center
Generators Associated with 800 Trunked Radio System
Fire Department Generator Locations
Fueling Sites And Capacities
Confined Entry Space Procedures For Fire Alarm Electricians
Urban Search and Rescue
Dispatching To Incidents Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction
Dispatching The Fuel Truck After Hours
Dispatching The Rehab Truck
AT&T Language Line Services
Operation of TDD Device

Change Of Hospital Destination
Equipment Carried In On Emergency Calls
Fire Station Procedures
Forcible Entry
Release Of Information Concerning Ems Calls Or Patients
Do Not Resuscitate Document
Medical Authority/Medical Control Destination Guidelines
No Transport
Patient Information
Protective Clothing
Patient's Personal Effects
Special Response / Transport Situations
Transport Destination
Personnel At Hospitals
Standing By For The Police
Stretcher Handling Of A Large Patient
Unit Out Of Quarters-Non Emergency Call
Requesting Hospital Wing Units
Helicopter Landing And Ground Procedures
EMS Responsibilities When Rehab Is Established
Visual Check of Controlled Drugs at Shift Change
Incident Report Form Preparation
Location of Hospital Decon Rooms & Method of Removal
Fire Fighter EMT Basic Responsibilities

EMS Standing Orders & Protocols Definitions
Adult Cardiac Emergency - pulseless electrical activity
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Premature Ventricular Contractions
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Supraventricular Tachycardia
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Atrial Fibrillation & Flutter
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Bradycardia
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Chest Pain / Myocardial Infarction
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Asystole
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Fibrillation
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Fibrillation
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Tachycardia
Adult Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Ectopy
Adult Environmental Emergency - Chemical Exposure
Adult Environmental Emergency - Drug Ingestion
Adult Environmental Emergency - Hyperthermia
Adult Environmental Emergency - Hyperthermia
Adult Environmental Emergency - Near Drowning
Adult Environmental Emergency - Poisonous Snake Bite
Adult Environmental Emergency - Known Cyanide Poisoning
Adult Medical Emergency - Acute Pulmonary Edema
Adult Medical Emergency - Cerebrovascular Accident
Adult Medical Emergency - Hyperglycemia
Adult Medical Emergency - Hypertensive Crisis
Adult Medical Emergency - Hypoglycemia
Adult Medical Emergency - Respiratory Distress
Adult Medical Emergency - Seizures
Adult Medical Emergency - Unconscious / Unresponsive
Adult Medical Emergency - Avulsed Teeth
Adult Shock / Trauma - Anaphylactic Shock
Adult Shock / Trauma - Cardiogenic Shock
Adult Shock / Trauma - Multi-System Trauma
Adult Shock / Trauma - Air Ambulance Transport
Adult Shock / Trauma - Hypovolemic Shock
Adult Shock / Trauma - Neurogenic Shock
Adult Shock / Trauma - Septic Shock
Adult Shock / Trauma - Major Thermal Burn
Adult Shock / Trauma - Trauma Treatment Priorities
Adult Shock / Trauma - Traumatic Tension Pneumothorax
Obstetrical Emergencies - Normal Delivery
Obstetrical Emergencies - Apgar Soring
Obstetrical Emergencies - Breech or Limb Presentation
Obstetrical Emergencies - Prolapsed Umbilical Cord
Obstetrical Emergencies - Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia
Discontinuation of Life Support
Terminally Ill Patients
IV Sites
Pediatric Drug Dosing
Neonatal Epinephrine Dose
Nasotracheal Intubation
Intravenous Fluid Administration
Physician on Scene
Other Health Care providers on Scene
Trauma Center Destination Guidelines
Pediatric Cardiac Emergency - Pulseless Electrical Activity
Pediatric Cardiac Emergency - Supraventricular Tachycardia
Pediatric Cardiac Emergency - Bradycardia
Pediatric Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Asystole
Pediatric Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Fibrillation or Pulseless Vtach
Pediatric Cardiac Emergency - Ventricular Tachycardia
Pediatric Enviromental Emergency - Chemical Exposure
Pediatric Enviromental Emergency - Drug Ingestion
Pediatric Enviromental Emergency - Hyperthermia
Pediatric Enviromental Emergency - Hypothermia
Pediatric Enviromental Emergency - Near Drowning
Pediatric Enviromental Emergency - Poisonous Snake Bite
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Acute Pulmonary Edema
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Hyperglycemia
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Hypoglycemia
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Respiratory Distress Asthma/Wheezes
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Respiratory Distress Stridor
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Respiratory Distress General
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Seizures
Pediatric Medical Emergency - Anaphylactic Shock
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Cardiogenic Shock
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Hypovolemic Shock
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Neurogenic Shock
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Septic Shock
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Thermal Burn
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Trauma Treatment Priorties
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Intraosseous Infusion
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Points To Remember
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Trauma Assessment
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Pediatric Trauma Score
Pediatric Shock / Trauma - Triage Decision Scheme
Pediatric General Information
Emergency Pediatric Drug Dose Guide - Hypovolemic Shock
Medications For Fire Fighter Paramedic Drug Boxes
Drug Infusion Admix Dosage Guidelines
Authorization for Standing Orders


Preventive Maintenance For Automobiles

All Personnel Evolution #1
All Personnel Evolution #2
Truck Evolution #1
Truck Evolution #2
Truck Evolution #3
Truck Evolution #4
Combination Engine /Truck Company Evolution #1
Combination Engine /Truck Company Evolution #2
Engine Evolution #1
Engine Evolution #2
Engine Evolution #3
Engine Evolution #4
Mass Casualty Plan
Engine Evolution #5
Engine Evolution #6




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