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Car Fire Training DOWNLOAD
Bus and Large Vehicle Extrication Training DVDCardiac (Heart Attack) Awareness Training for Fire Fighters DVD

Car Fire Training DOWNLOAD

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Price: $49.52
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Product Description:

Offering You More Firefighter Training For A Lot Less Than Anyone Online

We are proud members of


The National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A),


and we participate in and support the


Certified Fire Protection Specialist program.






A three part study of the methods and protocols related to car/auto fires. Learn and train the many ways to observe, report, fight, and defeat an auto/car fire situation




Car Fires are a Common Response Faced by Every Department

‚Äʬ†Be Aware of Hidden Dangers

‚Äʬ†Learn the Techniques to Extinguish the Fire Safely


Car fires may be common to the fire service, but they should never be considered routine.


Firefighters who fight such fires with a complacent attitude are setting themselves up for serious injuries.


Be aware of the hidden dangers‚ÄĒfrom flammable liquids to exploding components to oncoming traffic‚ÄĒand how to


protect yourself by wearing the proper equipment, employing the correct tactics, and operating with adequate resources.


Check the main features and components of late-model cars and how they affect firefighting efforts, as well as what


to expect with fires in older makes and models. See from actual car fires how magnesium reacts to water, what happens


when the fire reaches the fuel tank, how to spot apparatus, how to approach the scene, and the best ways to open


hoods and trunks. The methods for keeping the handline moving, with an emphasis on inter-company communication.


Size up, know where the fire is going, and how you are going to push it out and away from any potential victims.


Communication with Ventilation Teams


Identify the important considerations in stretching attack handlines


My DVD Video also outlines the various techniques and procedures for effectively deploying and operating the attack handline.


The video also describes :

the nozzle team, the role of each member of the team, the techniques for advancing the "line,"
and the use of nozzles.
Safety issues, teamwork on the importance communications is also addressed in my video.

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